Here are 10 random things about Alana. (She couldn’t think of more.)

Photo by Rebecca Springett

Photo by Rebecca Springett

  1. Lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

  2. Addicted to paranormal romance. Also sci-fi. And historical. Reading.

  3. Has a degree in Archaeology and spent a summer in a quarry hammering copper axes.

  4. Adores stationery, especially Filofax (robin’s egg blue in patent, since you asked). Even uses one as a wallet. Now using a Leuchtturm 1917 for bullet journaling.

  5. Human companion to two rampaging kittens (Trixie and Lola), a kid and a husband.

  6. Loves tropical plants but lives in a cold country.

  7. Last vacation was Kilimanjaro where she made it to the summit with a lot of help.

  8. Just started drinking coffee black. A big change from being a double-triple woman.

  9. Has to listen to music when writing for work (corporate communications) but can’t listen to anything when writing writing.

  10. Current fav perfume is Bal d'Afrique by Byredo.