Who are the Immorti?

This September, I’m releasing the first of the Immortal Protectors series with Immortal Atonement.

The greatest warriors of their times, the Immorti were resurrected, granted immortality and dedicated to a single sacred task—protecting humanity from an ancient evil. Their job is to watch the gates that hold back Kynot, a primeval god of chaos, and ensure that peace continues to prevail. However, as the gates begin to fall, the Immorti find themselves in a struggle to save the world and their hearts.

The Immorti

Cal. An Aztec warrior attempting to atone for the devastation caused in his warring days.

Cassandra, a scholar cursed by Apollo and the only Immorti who is not a trained warrior.

Marcus, the Roman general with a sunny exterior and a yearning for a love he’ll never find.

Nawi, a Dahomey warrior whose tough and logical exterior hides a tougher but illogical heart.

Sunqi. The brilliant Chinese general, artist and scholar.

Miyamoto. The unemotional commander, dedicated to duty, his people, and his goddess.

Radish 101

Golden Embrace launches on Radish on June 23 and, people, all unlocked episodes are free. Not sure about Radish? I’ve pulled together a how-to here.

What is Radish?

It’s a platform for serialized releases—you read on your mobile device. There’s a lot of romance on it, so good to check out! 

radish screenshot.jpg

What do I do?

Download the Radish app (available through the app store or Google Play). Register (this is free) and start reading. You can search by author name, story title or themes. You can even check the heat levels.

I suggest starting with Golden Embrace because that’s mine!

How does this serialization thing work?

There are several methods to access stories on Radish, so I’ll use Golden Embrace as an example. New episodes (an episode being the equivalent of a chapter and usually between 1,000 and 2,000 words) unlock every Monday and Friday until the story is complete. You can read all unlocked chapters for free and can set up your notifications to be reminded when a new episode is up.

But I want more! Now!

That’s what I like to hear. If you’d like to read ahead to the locked chapters, you pay in Radish coins. You can buy them and there are free coin events. Radish makes it easy to earn coins, which means more awesome stories for free.

Are all the stories free?

Golden Embrace is what is called “freemium”. Others are premium, which means the first few chapters are free and then you pay to unlock the rest. They aren’t on a timer.

Want more info?

Check out the Radish website.