A Wolves of Golden Pack Story

First episode unlocks June 24 and continues every Monday and Friday.

First episode unlocks June 24 and continues every Monday and Friday.

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It’s been a decade since lycan Ben Hyde left Golden pack. His excuse was that he wanted to devote his life to discovering why silver is so deadly to his people—his beloved sister was killed by a silver knife. The real reason is that his sensitivity to the feelings of others makes it easy to lose himself in the personalities of the pack, a terrifying experience he can’t share with anyone.

After finding Ben in Toronto, Nadia can’t believe how much her childhood friend has changed. It's bad enough that he's now a solitary who refuses to shift and completely rejects reconnecting with the pack. But the Ben she used to know would never deny the pack his help when they needed it. Although so attractive he makes her melt, Nadia’s not sure that she likes who her old friend has become.

Ben’s eventual arrival at Golden coincides with a series of attacks by an enemy pack. Although Ben continues to refuse to shift into his wolfself, he finds himself drawn more into the life of the pack and attracted to his oldest friend, Nadia.

Together, the two must make choices that will determine the survival of Golden pack – and of their love.